The Unbroken premiere

The Unbroken Premiere, on the 27th of October at RMIT Capitol Theatre, Melbourne.
About 550 people came to attend the event.
If you missed the premiere, you can order the DVD and/or the Soundtrack CD at the bottom of the page!
(Photo taken by Geraldi Tellys

Introduction to The Unbroken

The Unbroken is an Emmanuel Baptist Church production movie shot in Melbourne, Australia. The movie premier was on the 27th of October 2012 at RMIT Capitol Theatre. The movie is in Indonesian language with English subtitle.

The Unbroken movie was planned back since October 2011 and since then, all drafts, schedules, and preparations were made throughout the year.

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The Unbroken Synopsis

“The scars on the face of FAREL (23 years old) are a constant reminder of the heavy burden and guilt from his past. This lead FAREL to live in denial and seclusion. He changed his name to KAY, and he continually hides his face behind a hooded jacket to conceal the scars that symbolise his deep pain and guilt.

However all this started to change after he meets WIDYA (50 years old). Little by little their encounters chip away the wall KAY has been building inside of him and reveal the secrets he planned to bury forever.

On the other side of the city, RYO (27 years old) lives with his father but sustains a broken relationship with him. His mother disappeared from his life a long time ago. He now questions the value of family, relationship, and marriage. ANGGIE (24 years old) tries to give him answers in futility. In a turn of event, RYO discovers a black journal book with the initials “NHF”.

With this, he learns about a way to go back to the past for the answers he was looking for and save his family. Well, that was his original plan…”

The Unbroken Video Trailers

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Official Trailer

DVD Release Trailer

The Unbroken on the Media

OZIP Magazines: August, September, and October edition.

August 2012 (click image to view/download the PDF file):

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December 2012

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Nusantara TV – Channel 31

Minggu 7 & 21 Oktober, 8 a.m

Love & Hate Radio – Channel 94.1FM

Rabu, 3 & 17 Oktober, 8-10 p.m

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