Berikut adalah kesaksian dari beberapa anggota jemaat mengenai gereja kami

“Waktu awal-awal, EBC adalah tempatku mengungsi ketika ada godaan yang mau bikin aku rusak, apalagi kalau lagi galau. Rindu banget untuk bisa masak lagi di sana untuk kalian.” -Thomas Ho

“I won’t become a person like I am today if it’s not because of you.. I feel really blessed. Thank God.” -Elbert Tandian

“Aku bersyukur bisa kenal anak-anak EBC yang keren2, ramah, dan extraordinary. Bersyukur karena melalui EBC, aku bisa bertumbuh dan semakin mengenal Tuhan, sehingga aku memiliki tujuan hidup yang jelas. May God bless you always!” -Wilson Jeremiah

“EBC, the place where I learnt about friendship and helping people sincerely.” -Yessy Tanuwijaya

“For me EBC is not just a church, it’s my family while I was in Melbourne.” -Diana Komala

“Thank you dah membawa saya untuk mengenal Tuhan sewaktu saya kuliah kedokteran di Melb 8 years ago. My journey with God would not be the same without EBC. Super blessed to have you and Muse as my family. So the best is yet to come” -Juliam Tjong

“EBC itu, rumah. Rumah dimana saudara mas bro dan mas sis aku berkumpul memuliakan Tuhan. I miss to be a part of you, EBC” -Adam Aulia

“Whenever people ask me, “Which church are you from?”
My first thought would be a simple building close to VicMart, where my family in Christ are gathering. I guess that’s enough to show how precious you have been to me. A church, yet a home. May the love of God continue to dwell there!” -Fiona Theodora

“People always ask me which church did i go to in Melbourne. When I said EBC, most people did not know what it is. I know our church might not be the fanciest of all or the comfiest of all, but I think, they have the best role models and the best people as ur family. Thank you for being a great family and support throughout my 10 years in Melbourne, you guys taught me life lessons that are so real, sincere and important.” -Kalvin Ananda

“Thank you for being a family, a place to grow, a home. EBC is one of the few reasons that makes me long to be back in Melbourne. Thank you Muse Semu for being my second parents who love me as I am. Thank you all family members of EBC, I miss everything about you guys. I hope there will be a chance for me to visit and meet all of you. All4Jesus!” – With love, Grace Olivia