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Verse 1
Endless wars
Lack of peace and lack of love
How the weak must fight for scrapes
Just to survive
Cheaters win
It’s the world where the wicked rules
Where the lies deemed as the truth
Honesty lost

Where are You, Lord?
I couldn’t hold my own in this fight
Yearning You would come show Your might
More than ever now
Where are You, Lord?
Though I know You’re here in my heart
I’m blinded by the chaos and toils
Help me tread it all
Help me trust You more

Verse 2
Lost alone
Not sure what I was doing wrong
The path ahead looks like a big unknown
I can’t go on
Trapped in sin
Can’t crawl out of this hole I’m in
Losing battles with the foe within
All hope seems gone

Trials, temptations
Pain and sadness
All the hardship that I face
Though I can’t see it
You help me believe that
You’re in control of it all
Sufferings and problems
My imperfections
All my failures and my wrongs
In my weakness
I must cling to Your love
Like a branch cling to The Vine
Take me back into Your arms
Take me back into Your arms

Music and lyrics by Yohan Setiawan © 2020 Emmanuel Baptist Church Melbourne | Vocal by Yohan Setiawan | Piano by Abigail Gunarso | Various instruments by Yohanes Mario | Sound engineering by Yohanes Mario | Graphic design by Claudia Yofa