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Verse 1
We were fallen people
Lost and trapped in sin
Saved by the precious blood
Of Jesus Son of God

Verse 2
Now we’re new creation
Crafted for our mission
Called, predestined from
Before the world began

We are hopeless on our own
We can boast in Christ alone

O Help us God
How we need Your strength
To live our calling
And carry out Your perfect plan
Help us realise
We belong to Christ
O Help us God
Help us live for You
How we stray
Yet You bring us back again and again
By Your grace alone
We will make it home
So help us God

Help us understand
The power of the cross
The mighty weight of sin
Fully paid with blood of Christ
As He rise from the grave
We are free, we’re no longer slave
We’re made alive and new
Give us faith, as we follow You

Music and lyrics by Yohan Setiawan © 2020 Emmanuel Baptist Church Melbourne | Vocal by Yohan Setiawan | Various instruments by Yohanes Mario | Sound engineering by Yohanes Mario | Graphic design by Claudia Yofa