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By the blood of Christ who’s crucified
By His grace alone we’re justified
We live to reflect His truth and light
Let His name through us be glorified

No more condemnation
We’re made new creation
In sanctification
Work out our salvation

Arise and shine, for our light has come
The glory of our Lord rises upon us
His kingdom come, let His will be done
We live to serve the everlasting God

When He comes dressed in light
In His splendour and might
As the City of God alights

Our faith becomes sight
No more fear no more pride
No more sin no more strive

We are come as His bride
And brought to His side
Be eternally glorified

And the heavenly host
They give their utmost
Glory glory to God

Music and lyrics by Yohan Setiawan © 2017 Emmanuel Baptist Church Melbourne | Vocal by Adrian Kencana | Acoustic guitar by Stefani Christy | Bass by Jeremy Lasiman | Electric guitar by Yohan Setiawan | Piano by Abigail Gunarso | Drums by Giovanni Sutjiutama | Recording by Jeremy Lasiman | Sound mixing by Yohanes Mario | Graphic design by Claudia Yofa